In our own restoration work, we strive to return organs to like-new condition. Materials, glues and finishes echo as-built conditions as well as promoting ease of future restoration. While we have no desire to alter the way in which an organ sounds or functions, we occasionally make subtle changes (dowel-nutting) or employ additional techniques (double-gussets) in the hopes of yielding greater longevity than original construction practice may offer.

To parts, services and components that help your own restoration projects, we apply the same standards. Pre-made parts of exacting quality save shop time and control costs. Our restoration services bring a project through your shops with exemplary quality and trouble-free service, in good time and to a set budget. Where time and convenience are critical, we offer turnkey services including on-site removal and reinstallation. Replica components make it possible to restore the much-rebuilt organ in a spirit of authenticity and sensitivity. Over time, you may find these various components useful for other projects as well.

If there is a part, task or component you feel we might be well-suited to undertake for you, let us work together to determine what we can do for you.