Spencer Blower Overhaul

While we’re not the old Hartford company that made Spencer blowers, we do love rebuilding them. Beautifully and sturdily constructed, the Spencer Orgoblo blowers exude all the confidence of the late industrial age. With proper rebuilding and balancing, they run cool and smooth, giving every indication of indefinite lifespan.

Motors are sent to a Boston colleague for bearing work, balancing and re-winding as applicable. Housings are cleaned, sand-blasted and repainted. Fans are checked for stability, and shaft-balanced. New jute padding is provided on base blocks.

We gladly work on any size of Orgoblo, even down to the smallest one-quarter-horsepower Orgoblo Junior used for voicing jacks, vacuum-action consoles or practice instruments. Generally, we prefer machines fitted with three-phase motors. Single-phase Century motors with centrifugally disengaging commutators are treated on a case-by-case basis.